Breakfast of Champions


Your mother told you breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Mom was right.

Skipping breakfast is never a good idea. After a good night’s rest, your body and metabolism need food to restore energy and nutrients.

A hectic schedule may preclude an elaborate breakfast. But here are some guidelines on what to eat and what not to eat:

  • Stay away from simple carbs. Typically meals that are high in carbs cause a postprandial “crash” an hour or two after eating.

  • While too much caffeine (more than 2 cups at one time) may cause anxiety, jitters and even palpitations, modest amounts of coffee (1-2 cups/day) may have beneficial effects as an antioxidant. And stay away from soda, both diet and regular.

  • B complex vitamins may help keep those energy levels up. Foods that contain a significant amount of B complex vitamins include eggs, meat and fish, as well as dairy products like yogurt. Try no-fat, plain Greek yogurt with berries — an excellent heart-healthy choice. Add a banana, which can keep your blood sugar levels stable, and you have the perfect portable breakfast.

  • As for energy snacks, go NUTS! Raw and unsalted almonds are a good source of healthy fats and protein to balance your blood sugar. One ounce (about 20 almonds) can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and give you an energy boost.

  • Stay hydrated! Avoid sugary juices and liquid energy boosters and stick to water to ward off fatigue. You can go by the standard 8×8 rule (8 glasses, 8 ounces each) or let the color of your urine be your guide (light is right!)

Father may know best, but mom’s intuition is often on target.


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