Cardiovascular Health – Lifestyle Tips for Any Age


Cardiovascular disease remains a serious issue for men and women in the United States. In fact, it is just as much of a threat as many forms of cancer. Unfortunately, each year, an increasing number of individuals are diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases that could have been prevented if these individuals had paid more attention to their lifestyles.

It doesn’t matter if you are a child, a college student, a parent or a grandparent. Everyone can benefit from the following healthy lifestyle changes.

Cardiovascular Lifestyle Tips for Any Age

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Extra weight on the body makes it hard for your heart to pump blood all the way through your body in an efficient manner. You need to lose weight now if your doctor has told you that you are in the overweight or obese category. You can do this by following a low-calorie diet and exercising.

Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet

If you want a healthy heart, you have to feed it right. This means taking care to include healthy foods in each and every meal. Make sure that you are filling most of your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables. Start getting involved in how your food is cooked, and experiment with new recipes.

You will also want to include low-fat dairy products, fish, nuts, poultry, whole grains and plenty of water in your diet. All of these foods will benefit your overall health. Just make sure to eat some of them in moderation.

Avoid foods and drinks that have little to no nutritional value

There are many foods that contain little to no nutritional value. You probably already know what they are, but you might feel that it’s too hard to stop eating them. Change your eating habits so that these foods are a smaller part of your diet. You can do this by looking for healthier alternatives.

Avoid foods like soda pop, chips, candies, ice cream, fried foods, greasy hamburgers and pizza with thick crust and heaps of cheese. These foods are okay every once in a while, but it’s better to simply try to change them so they are healthier. For example, pizza isn’t always bad, and this is especially true if you pile on the veggies, use only a little cheese, and experiment with healthier crusts.

Don’t start smoking, and quit smoking now if you already do

Smoking is terrible for your heart, and it’s not good for the rest of your body either. In fact, it can contribute to diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Smoking has also been linked to most forms of cancer.

Drink alcohol in moderation

Alcohol is okay sometimes, but make sure you are not exceeding your limits. Choose red wine when it’s possible as this can be good for your heart in moderation.

Skip the salt

Finally, try to limit the amount of sodium you take in each day. Excess sodium can contribute to heart disease as well as other health issues.

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