Importance of Healthy Sleeping Habits for Overall Health


After a good night’s sleep, many people feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day’s responsibilities. The reason they feel so good is that sleep is very important for physical and mental health, as well as quality of life.

While you are asleep, your body is working to maintain your physical health and support healthy brain functioning. For children, good sleep supports growth and development.

When you do not get enough good sleep at night, you may feel tired and grumpy the next day, but if you go for months without getting enough good sleep, you can seriously damage your health.

It will gradually affect how you react to problems, work, think and learn. It can also damage relationships. Here are some reasons why healthy sleeping habits are important.

Sleep allows your brain to work properly. While you are sleeping, your brain is forming new connections that will help you learn and remember information.

Learning will also improve, which is why students are always told to get a good night’s rest especially before an important exam. Sleep-deficient people often have trouble making decisions, and for children and teenagers, it may cause them to have problems getting along with others.

While you sleep, your heart and blood vessels are being healed and repaired. A long-term sleep disorder can be linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, stroke and diabetes.

Sleep can help keep you thinner. A deficiency may increase the risk of obesity especially in teenagers, but also in other age groups. While you sleep, the hormones that make you feel hungry get a healthy balance. When this balance is off, you feel hungrier than you do when you are well-rested.

Sleep triggers the hormones that support healthy growth and development in children. It boosts muscle mass, repairs cells and tissues and is part of puberty and fertility development.

Sleep also helps you fight common infections, colds and flu. Sleep-deprived people may have a weakened immune system, so it is hard for them to fight off foreign and harmful substances.

In addition to these benefits, you will become more productive at work and school. Sleep-deprived people make more mistakes, take longer to finish tasks and have a slower reaction time. Sometimes, these people even fall asleep at work.

Many people do not realize that they may be sleep-deficient because they are used to a certain lifestyle and do not know that their life can be improved through better sleep.

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