Smart steps to Promote a Healthy Heart


Heart disease is one of the leading chronic health issues resulting in death faced by Americans today. Although genes play a small role in determining one’s susceptibility for heart disease, the sedentary lifestyle and standard American diet adopted by many in the United States are the main culprits. This is actually good news because it means that the disease can be reversed for those who are determined to make certain permanent, positive lifestyle changes.

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Here are some great, easy ways that you can naturally protect your heart on a daily basis.

Take an Evening Stroll

Dusting off those walking shoes daily can positively impact your heart health, environment and budget. Cardiovascular exercise like walking, biking or jogging strengthens the heart and contributes to weight management over time. Some fitness experts suggest that these types of cardiovascular or aerobic exercises should be accomplished for 20 to 60 minutes per day. If cardio exercise is not already part of your daily routine, ease in to new activities at a slower pace to avoid injury.

Adopt a Clean, Whole Foods Diet

Many people in the United States consume primarily packaged, convenience and fast foods that contribute to inflammation within the body. It is chronic inflammation that causes many long-term illnesses. The natural way to eat an anti-inflammatory diet is by choosing to eat clean, whole foods. This includes mostly fresh fruits and vegetables that make the body more alkaline and nourish it with vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds.

These foods are often less expensive than the hormone-filled meat or packaged pseudo foods regularly consumed by the general public. When adopting this eating plan, it is best to understand which produce items are more prominently sprayed with pesticides and choose to eat the organic versions of those items. Alternately, choosing to eat conventional produce that is not regularly sprayed with chemicals can ease the strain on your food budget.

Reduce Mental Stress

The age-old saying “laughter is the best medicine,” may actually be rooted in fact. The Mayo Clinic reports that laughter has many short- and long-term health benefits. Laughter not only reduces mental stress, but serves to protect the lining of blood vessels from inflammation and plaque buildup that lead to strokes and heart attacks. Laughter can also stimulate your organs, improve mood and boost your immune system.

Gradually incorporating these activities to your daily routine will eventually result in greater holistic health, not just heart health but whole body health. The best part about making these changes is that they are completely natural activities that help people avoid dangerous heart attacks and strokes without the assistance of pharmaceuticals or surgeries.


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