When One + One = Three: The New Math of Food Synergy


You are what you eat.

I believe in this age-old adage. Not in the traditional sense of “If you eat fat, you will be fat.” But if you consciously eat more fruits and vegetable, nuts, whole grains and lean protein and refrain from empty-calorie processed sugary or high-fat foods, you will feel better. And sleep better. And think better. And live longer.

We can’t reverse the clock, but we certainly can improve the quality of our lives

There are so many things to keep in mind when making food choices. The Herald recently cited ten super foods and their benefits. And in selecting what to eat and when to eat, there are specific goals to keep in mind:

  • Build muscle mass

  • Keep our heart healthy

  • Strengthen our bones

  • Hydrate regularly

A recent article in Inc. Magazine discussed how eating the right foods can affect your productivity at work. Just simply cutting out potato chips from lunch can help you feel more focused. Limiting sugar would be equally effective.

Interestingly, there is a pairing concept where eating from a ‘good food’ counteracts the ‘bad’ effect of another. A recent UCLA study found that a diet high in sugar slows the brain while eating foods like salmon, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, can counteract the impact. Craving a candy bar? Add a serving of walnuts to balance it out.

There are also things we should not pair together, like green tea and kale. While you may be tempted to add both to your smoothie, iron-rich foods like kale strip tea of its antioxidant powers.

Now, what if we paired superfoods like oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon? This triple header creates food synergy. Serve salmon with spinach and create a double barrier against memory loss. Enjoy a daily cup of Greek yogurt, good for your bones and your digestive tract, and add blueberries which help prevent chronic diseases and facilitates processing new information.

Think of it as new math. Double your pleasure while tripling the health effect. Add regular exercise training and your bases are loaded.

And you have increased your chances for a home run….or living longer. Which would you choose?


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